12 Best Live Talk Apps for Android and iOS in 2022
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Jul 27, 2022

12 Best Live Talk Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

People use live talk apps and live chat apps for various reasons – to keep in touch with loved ones or favorite brands or businesses.

If you search for a live talk app or live chat app, App stores and Play stores will serve you a hell lot of options.

To make your quest easy, we have compiled a list of the best live talk apps for your smartphone for both Android and iOS.

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Here is the list of the 12 best live talk apps for Android and iOS in 2022!

Let’s read on.

1. Click2magic

Click2magic is a free live chat app used for sales, support, and marketplaces. This online chat app lets live chat agents initiate a conversation with proactive greetings and support customers throughout their journey.

Sales representatives or chat agents can change from chat to live talk and they can even send documents, images, URLs, and audio or video file attachments related to the business or product. Thus, businesses can talk to customers in real-time and ensure seamless support through this Intercom alternative.

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Use Cases: Business

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

Key features: Live Chat, Chat transcripts, Canned Responses, Widget Customization, Rating & Tagging, Location and browser information, Chat Routing, Agent Monitoring, Integrations with CRM and other third-party apps, Categories, Instant lead alerts, Reports& Analytics, and many more.

2. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger, one of the giant business chat applications in the country needs no introduction. It has all the features that a modern instant messaging app requires and meets today’s business needs. Its service models include the SaaS delivery model, On-premise, Chat APIs, and Custom Apps to make your office communications reliable and robust, team communication streamlined, and improve the business chat experience.

Its Splashboard allows voice and video calling. In video calls, users can enable or disable video. Also, in both voice and video calling, users can minimize the calling or the live talk window and can have a chat with the members of the team within the application.

Use Cases: Business

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Key features: The features of Troop Messenger are confined to categories. Under each category, there are various features. You can explore them on its official website. The categories include Instant Messaging, Group Chat, Audio& Video Calling, Files Sharing, Collaboration, Productivity, Advanced Filters, Remote Screen Share, Security, and Admin controls.

3. Cattle Call

Cattle Call, a video call conferencing tool from Troop Messenger. Users can talk, meet, and connect through its high-quality audio/video. This live talk app can be used for agile scrum meetings, review meetings, webinars and webcasting, video conferencing, online education, training, events, daily stand-up meetings, remote teams collaboration, and many more.

Through Cattle Call, businesses can invite for a meeting with guest users, clients, customers, stakeholders, vendors, etc. to join an audio-video conference call within Troop Messenger. We can schedule meetings and manage them without hassles. Also, invited members can join an ongoing conference through meeting links and have a live talk and live chat with members of the meeting.

Use Cases: Personal and Business

Compatible Platforms: Android and iOS

Key features: Multi-device support, Live chat, Calendar, Recording, Alerts, Live Screensharing, Emojis, Customization, Unlimited Audio/Video Calls, Privacy & Security, and 24/7 Support.

4. Clap Messenger

Clap Messenger, being a simple and secured chat application offers voice-video calling. Users can send voice messages, live chat, react with fun stickers and emojis, and share pictures, audio/video, and other files. Moreover, all chats and calls have robust security through end-to-end encryption, 2FA (Two-factor authentication), and Blocklisting.

In addition, it is considered a super chat live application as it can meet the needs of various requirements under one roof. Some of its features in its beta version include payments, appointment booking, money splitting, travel booking, utilities, meal ordering, card and loan payment, shopping, etc. to name a few.

Use Cases: Personal and Business

Compatible Platforms: Android and iOS.

Key features: Messaging, Calls, Polls, Albums, Events, Lists.

5. WhatsApp

This free live chat app offers myriad benefits with just a Wi-Fi or internet connection!. WhatsApp's mass adoption is largely a result of its cross-platform functionality and clear and uncomplicated features. It allows users to chat, make audio/video calls, and share images, files, documents, links, and audio/video files. Also, users can create groups and have group audio-video calls.

Apart from easy live chat and live talk, businesses can use this platform to promote their products, acquire customers, and improve sales through WhatsApp Business. In a nutshell, it connects you with people across the world.

Use Cases: Personal and Business.

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, and Desktop.

Key features: Secure Messaging, Audio/Video calls, Text/voice messaging, File (Photos/videos/audio/document) sharing, WhatsApp Business, Web and Desktop access, Live location tracking, Payments, Group chat, and High-end security.

6. Instagram

It’s a popular photo and video-sharing social network service. It lets users upload pictures and videos, edit them using various filters, organize the posts with location information and tags, and do many more.

In addition, this free chat app enables businesses to connect with the crowd, create compelling content, and build influence. Its live video chat help creates trust and improves your brand credibility. It also helps in

  • customer service: Users can schedule live chat/ live talk/video calls with customers and address their issues in real-time.

  • Sales: Customers can make a live call and get their queries answered while they are making a purchase.

Also, businesses can do live product demos, set up live consultations for customers, and arrange team meetings via the Instagram video chat feature.

Use Cases: Personal and Business.

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows

Key features: Profile/Account settings, sharing photos and videos, searching/exploring photos and videos, Direct Messaging (Messenger), Stories, Reels, Live, Videos, Fundraisers and donations, Shop, Payments, Privacy, Notification settings, Security, and Reporting.

7. Skype

It is one of the best live talk apps that are easy to use. With Skype’s Instant Messenger, users can have live chat (send and receive messages) and have an extended live talk online. Also, it is easy to make calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Also, its users can connect from anywhere and from multiple devices. They can have crystal clear audio and video calls (one-to-one or group). They can have meetings with clients and remote teams with just one click. This live talk app can also be used to organize interviews. In addition, users can react to calls with emojis GIFs, etc., record calls for note-taking or later reviews, and share screens with each other.

Use Cases: Personal and Business

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, desktop, Tablet, Web, Alexa, and Xbox.

Top features: Instant Messaging, End-to-end encryption, Audio and HD video calling, Call recording and Live subtitles, Screen sharing, Private conversations, Call phones,

8. Snap Chat

Snapchat, a well-known visual social media platform needs no introduction. Users can make the best use of its features to send text, voice messages, photos, and videos. Also, they can add effects and filters to photos, create groups, and live chat with them.

In addition, businesses can use this platform to improve brand awareness, brand engagement, and ROI. They can create snaps and short videos and use this platform to advertise using geotags, geofilters, lenses, etc. It is an easy-to-use marketing tool to interact with app users, engage them with concise content, and improve sales.

Use Cases: Personal and Business.

Compatible Platforms: Android and iOS

Top features: Snap, Stories, Custom Stories, Snapstreak, Filter, Lenses, Geofilter, Snapcode, Chat, Memories, Friends, Discover, Snap Map, Context Cards, Bitmoji, Cameo, Spotlight, and Snapcash.

9. Facebook Messenger

Want to connect with your family and friends who are far away from you?. Facebook Messenger, one of the best and free live talk apps is the ideal option. Users can send messages, make audio/video calls, share photos and videos, and play games together!. Moreover, it is ads-free!.

It offers good quality audio/video on mobile phones. Through live chat online, businesses can advertise on Facebook, connect with customers, and provide support as well. Facebook ads help to improve brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue. They can find the prospects using user demographics and live talk with customers to provide support and assistance to those who are interested in their business or product.

Use Cases: Personal and Business

Compatible Platforms: Android and iOS

Top features: Messenger, News feed, Posting, Group chat, Send Money, Location sharing, Video calls, Voice messages, Play games, Facebook for Business.

10. Viber

Viber is a robust and free online chat app that supports one-tap audio/video calls. Users can instantly connect with others and even call landlines and phones. They can live chat, share screen, react through emojis and GIFs while on the call, and transfer calls between devices.

Viber for Business allows businesses to maximize their presence; reach a wider audience through ads and targeted messages (promotional, conversational, and transactional messages); invite prospects to live chat or live talk; and engage them to transfer into customers. Thus, they can grow relationships with customers and provide customer support through real-time live chat. Wait not to turn online chats into ROI with Viber!.

Use Cases: Personal and Business

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, and Desktop (Mac and PC).

Top features: In-app-messaging, Group chats, and calls, voice and video calls, Stickers & GIFs, set disappeared messages, join communities, end-to-end encryption, location sharing, etc.

11. Telegram

It’s the fastest and most free online chat app that keeps all conversations safe and confidential. It holds large groups of up to 2 lakh members and there are no limits on the size of text and media files while sharing them in the chat window. It has secure code and an open API for all.

This free live chat app is end-to-end encrypted and it can self-destruct. Also, it lets its users access their chats from multiple devices. Businesses can leverage the benefits of the Telegram channel to boost digital marketing, post content related to business/product, and engage customers.

Use Cases: Personal and Business

Compatible Platforms: Android, iOS, and Desktop (PC, Linux, macOS)

Top features: Group chat, File sharing, Customization, Private chat, Free messaging, Telegram channel, Telegram Group, Telegram Passport, etc.

12. Signal

Simple, secure, and powerful live messaging platform!. These terms can be well suited for Signal. This free live chat app is end-to-end encrypted. Users can live chat, and send voice messages, videos, GIFs, photos, and files. They can make crystal-clear audio and video calls (one-to-one and group) with friends, family, colleagues, teams, etc. wherever they are across the country.

Also, they can use encrypted stickers to make conversations more secure. Though it can be used for business, there are no settings to switch between personal and business use. Companies can use Signal to live chat or group chat with their teams.

Use Cases: Personal and Business

Compatible Platforms: Android and iOS

Top features: Live chat, high-end security, group chat, self-destruct, voice messages, File sharing (images, videos, documents, GIFs, etc.), Audio/video calls, and encrypted stickers.


Hope this article helps.

All the aforementioned live talk apps are secure and powerful. Get your favorite live talk app download or Install the app that meets your personal and business needs. And leverage the benefits of these live apps to the fullest.

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