Top 13 Intercom Alternatives for 2022
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Jul 08, 2022

Top 13 Intercom Alternatives for 2022

Are you looking for Intercom alternatives?

You have landed in the right place.

Read on.

We all know that Intercom is a pioneer in live chat support software across the world.

Especially, it is the best fit for SaaS companies and large corporations.

Besides, intercom live chat offers top-notch features and functionalities such as a chatbot, customer management features, a help desk ticketing system, and many more.

However, many businesses, especially SMEs, are searching for Intercom alternatives.


Before answering this question, let us talk about the intercom.

The features of Intercom include Live chat, Shared inbox, Chatbot, Email marketing, Knowledge base, Banners, Series, Product tours, and many more.

Coming to Intercom packages cost, it does not disclose the actual pricing at all!. Businesses will only know it after listening to their demo from their sales team. However, the pricing is said to be expensive.

Let’s come to the point.

Why do many of these SMEs look for Intercom alternatives?

First Reason: One size never fits all!.

As mentioned earlier, Intercom is designed for large corporations and SaaS companies. It won’t fit small and mid-sized businesses.

Second Reason: Businesses often face issues with Intercom’s features and functionalities!

Its complexity in features leads to bugs sometimes which are hard to fix. Also, it has poor email automation and inattentive customer service.

Third Reason: The Intercom pricing model has a complex billing method!.

As mentioned earlier, the intercom pricing is difficult to estimate and some features come as add-ons. Overall, the cost of intercom live chat is more expensive than other tools.

All the drawbacks mentioned earlier make many businesses look for alternatives to Intercom.

Here is the list of 13 Intercom’s biggest competitors and their noteworthy highlights!.

  1. Click2magic - Best Free Live Chat For Sales, Support, and Marketplaces.

  2. Drift - Best for Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales.

  3. Hubspot - Best for customizable live chat and chatbot building.

  4. Freshdesk - Best for customer service and automation.

  5. Crisp - Best multi-channel messaging platform.

  6. Clickdesk - The best tool to improve support and sales.

  7. Zohodesk - Best Free Cloud-based Helpdesk Software.

  8. Helpcrunch - Best customer communication platform and user onboarding.

  9. Gorgias - Best e-commerce helpdesk.

  10. Acquire - Best conversational customer experience platform.

  11. Freshworks - Best for unified and contextual conversational engagement.

  12. Helpscout - Best all-in-one support and helpdesk software.

  13. Smartsupp - Best tool for monitoring the behavior of visitors.

Let’s dive into the details of intercom competitors!

1. Click2magic – Best Free Live Chat For Sales, and Marketplaces, Support

Supported platforms: Desktop (Windows and Mac), Mobile (Android and iOS)

Key Features: Canned responses, Widget settings, File transfers, Rating & Tagging, Automation, CRM integration, Categories, Set permissions, Chat transcripts, Tracking, and Analytics.

Pricing: Basic (Free), Professional, Enterprise, and other Add-ons.

Trial Period: 14 days

Here’s a quick overview and explanation of why Click2magic can be an Intercom alternative:

  • It is intuitive, easy to set up, and easy to use.

  • Whatever the size of your support team, Click2magic fits all sizes. Unlike other Intercom alternatives, it doesn’t provide restrictions on minimum seat requirements or scalability. With this intercom alternative, adding new agents as your company grows is easy.

  • Every business will have specific needs and goals for choosing live chat software. What is your use case? Is it for lead qualification or customer engagement or customer support? Click2magic fits all the above.

  • Coming to omnichannel support, businesses can connect with customers from different channels in one place.

  • Its mobile application lets businesses support their customers on the go.

  • Moreover, it is a free intercom alternative.

2. Drift: Best for Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales

Supported Platforms: Desktop, Android, iOS

Key Features: Live chat, Video, Email, dedicated customer success manager, onboarding, regular strategy reviews, chat support, and revenue acceleration.

Pricing: Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise

Trial Period: Free test drive

Here’s a quick overview and explanation of why Drift can be an Intercom alternative:

  • This Intercom alternative shortens the sale pipeline via real-time chat and converts maximum leads into sales.

  • It brings sales, services, and marketing teams onto the same platform.

  • It delivers personalized conversation through any communication medium that the customer prefers whether it may be via chat or video or email.

3. Hubspot - Best for customizable live chat and chatbot building!

Supports: Desktop, Android, iOS

Key Features: Snippets, Chat tags and routing, Archived chat history, CRM integration, Customizable design, Automatic greetings, and Reporting.

Pricing: As it is free, it is considered one of the cheaper alternatives to the intercom.

Trial Period: Forever free

Here’s a quick overview and explanation of Hubspot, another alternative to Intercom!

  • Businesses can customize the live chat widgets as per their taste and preferences.

  • Chat agents or operators can route customer or visitor inquiries to service teams and they can pass leads to the sales representatives.

  • Its fully-integrated chatbot allows customer support teams to have personalized and unlimited conversations at scale.

  • As this intercom competitor has a universal inbox, all team members can get the context they need to create with CRM.

4. Freshdesk - Best for customer service and automation.