How to use in-app messaging to boost and retain your best customers?
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Jul 22, 2022

How to use in-app messaging to boost and retain your best customers?

Today, it would be not easy to discover a high-quality product that doesn't integrate in-app messaging. Because it is the best avenue that enables companies to interact with their customers promptly and at the right moment.

As per statistics, brands that use in-app messaging to interact with customers witnesses 74 % user retention. Also, it is revealed that in-app messages are more engaging than push notifications.

Remember!. Do not confuse in-app messages with push notifications. Many people will do that.

  • Push notifications are the messages that appear on the phone's status bar or lock screen and the users can receive these push notifications at any time.

  • In-app messages are messages that will appear only when an app is being used.

Although many businesses have incorporated this in-app messaging, all of them didn’t get succeeded. It is because they are not leveraging its benefits and potential to the fullest.

This is the reason we are here. In this in-app guide, you will know

  • What is in-app messaging?

  • Benefits of in-app messaging

  • Types of in-app messaging

  • How do leverage in-app messaging to retain customers?

  • Best practices for in-app messaging to keep in mind!

  • A few best in-app message examples you would like to know!

Let’s get started!

What is in-app messaging?

In-app messages are also called in-product messages. It is the way businesses communicate with their customers (and customers with the business) while they are using their products or services.

In other words, a targeted notification that customers can view while utilizing a mobile or desktop app is known as an "in-app message".

Benefits of in-app messaging:

The benefits of in-app messaging are myriad. Companies can use this for various reasons that can benefit their business. Read on.

  • In-app messages can be well-designed and better personalized.

  • It helps businesses provide a better UX or improve the customer experience.

  • It helps to improve user engagement and user retention.

  • It improves product adoption and provides better assistance on feature adoption.

  • It lets businesses update their customers on new features, updates, discounts, or guides.

  • This is the most convenient way for user engagement.

  • It is used to drive user or customer feedback while they are using your application.

  • Unlike some messaging platforms, it has no limit on word count.

Types of in-app messaging

  1. Live Chat messages

    Proactive chat messages i.e. live chat can be a great option to initiate a conversation with visitors and customers and provide customer support. Also, live chat software can be used to inform them of any new available offers.

  2. Pop-up messages

    These are the messages that appear at a predefined time. These messages will be triggered based on the user behavior, exit intent, time spent on a particular page, or the number of page views.

  3. Tooltips

    These are the quick tips that offer informational alerts about a particular product feature. Since they only show up while users are looking at a specific function, they can be unobtrusive.

  4. Mobile Carousels

    If you want mobile in-app messaging, mobile Carousels allow you to connect with your app users at every touchpoint. Also, it helps to onboard users, share product announcements or marketing promotions, highlight new features, and provide proactive support to customers with useful tips. And all these can be presented within the same app!. You can leverage the benefits of mobile carousels for both in-app messaging and android and in-app messaging IOS platforms.

  5. User guides

    An easy-to-use user manual or in-app tour is crucial for new users or customers to make onboarding as simple and hassle-free as possible.

  6. Surveys

    These are frequently used after a chat agent has ended a chat with a user to assess the quality of service they received, allowing for the collecting of insightful feedback.

How do leverage in-app messaging to retain customers?

Acquiring users alone is not at all sufficient for a business to succeed. It relies on user engagement and user retention too.

Let’s take an OCER (Onboarding-Conversion-Engagement-Retention) Mantra that let your best customers retain and make them loyal customers.

User Onboarding:

The process of actively guiding new users through your software or service so they may benefit from it is known as user onboarding. First impression matters!. Users should feel welcome and inspired to take the necessary steps to utilize your app by an adequate onboarding flow. Online chat for website or live chat web helps to send impressive messages to welcome customers. You can also

New user onboarding

  • helps chat agents welcome new users with their proactive greetings.

  • lets chat representatives guide visitors in choosing the product through customer support software.

  • encourages people to move on to the following steps and take appropriate action.

  • Also, it makes visitors confident in their selection.


Many SaaS companies that provide customer support software offer a free trial before the customer takes a final decision and financial commitment.

  • In-app messaging encourages free trial users to upgrade to paid plans.

  • Support customers throughout their journey. It encourages them to take further steps.


Engaging customers, in the long run, can be a difficult task but not impossible. Here are the tips you should follow in the in-app messaging campaign to engage your best customers.

  • Remember that the way to your customer’s heart is through loyalty programs.

  • Deliver relevant and engaging promotions.

  • Create an in-app messaging campaign (for sales-oriented or customer retention or anything) based on the existing users' behavior. These in-app messages must appear natural to have strong engagement.

  • Promote the new features of our product through in-app messaging. It can show your customers how to activate and use the new features.

  • Send notifications and alerts to keep them in your application for longer.


The success of retention depends on providing constant value delivery. Support customers round-the-clock. For this to achieve,

  • Let your users understand your product’s value by triggering relevant information.

  • Be available to your customers all the time and respond to their queries on time.

  • Offer referral programs, provide valuable tips to use your software or product, and send reminders on updates.

  • Give your customers a new experience every day with your unique features and services.

  • Thus, you can make your customers happy and stay with your business for the long haul.

Finally, follow up on interactions and keep improving!

Whatever your aim behind the use of app messaging either sales-oriented or customer support, in-app messaging gives you the platform to do all the above.

Incredible OCER Mantra, right?

Best practices for in-app messaging to keep in mind!

These are the in-app messaging best practices you must follow.

  • Design the app messaging to match the fonts and color palette of your app so that it can be visually appealing to users.

  • Keep the content and language simple in in-app chat. Compose direct messages. The fewer content users have to sift through, the more chances they will retain your messaging.

  • Provide a simple or direct way (exit route) for users to close the in-app message. Otherwise, users are likely to simply close the app if they cannot locate an exit route.

  • Choose the right audience for your in-app communications. Create rules to target certain groups of users such as those who haven't used the app or visited the site in over a week or month or those who engage daily.

  • Analyze the number of users who receive and respond to the in-app message and pay attention to the metrics.

  • Based on their in-app actions, group your customers and then give them personalized messages that are relevant to their requirements.

  • Perform A/B testing for in-app messages. Iterate the messages that perform well.

  • Set up follow-up actions for your in-app messaging campaigns.

  • Create clear CTAs (Call To Actions).

  • Create a consistent in-app messaging experience across all devices and platforms - Web and Mobile.

  • Do not forget to get valuable feedback from your customers.

A few best in-app message examples you would like to know!

Ready to get started with your in-app messaging strategy?

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Enjoyed the read?

In-app messaging or in-app messaging campaigns are a great way to retain your best customers.

Want to keep your customers with you and keep running your business?.

Then wait not to send your customers contextual, time-sensitive, and targeted messages through in-app messaging!.

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