6 Best live chat software for real estate business
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Dec 09, 2022

6 Best live chat software for real estate business

Real estate businesses need customer engagement tools that are reliable, easy to use, and that drives conversion. Live chat software is an ideal solution for any type of real estate business. Not only does it provide a direct connection to prospects, but it also helps capture leads, increase conversion rates and build relationships with clients.

Live chat for real estate businesses is helpful for agents to instantly answer customer queries, respond quickly to their needs, and provide timely support. With the right live chat software, you can make sure prospects get the answers they need without having to wait for an email response or a long phone call.

In this blog, we will discuss how live chat software works for real estate, the benefits and drawbacks of using live chat software for real estate, how to choose the best live chat software for real estate, and much more. So, let's get started!

How does live chat software for real estate work?

Live chat software for real estate works like any other type of CRM software. It provides agents with the ability to manage incoming prospects' queries, responds quickly and easily, and track customer interactions in one place.

Live chat can also be integrated with lead generation CRM software, which helps agents easily capture leads and nurture them through the sales funnel. 

Additionally, live chat software can be used to provide real-time support and help agents close deals faster. Business owners do not have to get a live chat application built from scratch. These days your job can be simplified with the help of API integration. You can get a wide range of chat APIs, voice, video call APIs, SMS APIs, and others from the API integration providers such as API Exchange. Using these tools, agents can offer real-time answers to prospect queries and provide helpful materials such as property details, photos, and videos. 

Benefits of using live chat software for real estate

The following are the benefits of using live chat software for real estate businesses:

1. Provide the agency experience online

Live chat software helps agents to provide the same agency experience online as they do offline. With live chat software, prospects can quickly get their queries answered and can easily contact agents.

2. Take potential buyers on a virtual tour

Live chat software allows agents to take potential buyers on a virtual tour and show them the property they are interested in. This not only saves time but also helps prospects get an idea of what the property looks like without having to physically visit it.

3. Convert website visitors into buyers

Live chat software helps agents quickly convert website visitors into buyers by providing them with the necessary information. This saves prospects time and makes it easier for them to make the right decision.

4. Helps to capture leads

Live chat software helps agents to capture leads by tracking conversations they were trying to accomplish. This helps agents follow up on prospects and convert them into buyers. 

Drawbacks of using live chat software for real estate

Below are the drawbacks of using live chat software for real estate businesses:

1. Expensive

Live chat software for real estate can be expensive, as there are different plans available and the cost varies based on the number of users. And it also requires an initial setup and maintenance cost.

2. Technology can be difficult to learn and use

Live chat software for real estate can be difficult to learn and use if the interface is not user-friendly. Furthermore, it requires a certain level of technical knowledge and expertise to take full advantage of the features provided.

3. It can slow down your website

If the live chat software is not properly installed and configured, it can slow down your website. This will lead to a poor user experience for customers visiting your website. However, you can optimize your website to improve its performance.

How to choose the best real estate to live chat software?

When choosing the best free live chat app or software for real estate, here are some factors that you need to consider:

1. Integrations and automation

The live chat software should be compatible with all the necessary integrations and automation that are needed to run a real estate business. This will help to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

2. Lead management

The lead management feature of the live chat software should be robust enough to store customer information and track their conversations, and tasks they are trying to accomplish and generate leads. 

3. Analytics & reports

The software should provide in-depth analytics and reporting so that agents can get insights into customer behavior and make more informed decisions. 

4. 24/7 Customer support

The live chat software should have 24/7 customer support to ensure that agents are able to assist customers at any time of the day.

5. User Experience

The user experience should be easy and intuitive so that agents can quickly and easily use the software without any hassle.

6. Scalability

The live chat software should be able to scale up as the business expands so that it can accommodate more customers.

7. Cost

Cost is always an important factor when choosing real estate live chat software. Make sure to compare different software and choose the one that provides all the necessary features at an affordable price.

Using live chat software for real estate businesses is a great way to improve customer experience by providing fast, personalized services. It helps agents to manage leads more efficiently and convert more website visitors into buyers. To make sure you get the most out of live chat software, consider all the factors mentioned above and make an informed decision.

6 Best live chat software for real estate

Following are the best live chat software that helps real estate agents to engage with prospects, capture leads, and increase efficiency:

1. Salesmate Live Chat

Salesmate CRM's chat journeys are a great way to capture leads and start conversations with prospects. It provides powerful automation tools to streamline operations and follow up with customers. 

It allows agents to customize their conversations with prospects and set-up automated workflows. In addition, it permits you to assign the chat to the appropriate team member for a better customer experience.

2. Click2Magic

Integrate this free live chat app in your websites, web, and mobile apps to have seamless interaction with your customers. It is easy to set up and install. It comes with a highly functional dashboard that helps your admin to customize agent roles as per the need of your business type.

Click2Magic helps agents to use canned messages to send immediate responses. You can upload company brochures, flyers, etc., and marketing materials and share them with real estate customers. CRM integration, Widget settings, advanced reports and analytics, chat routing, and other functionalities are available to the business owner.

3. Intercom

Intercom is a live chat platform that caters to marketing and customer support teams by providing all the features they need in one place. Intercom streamlines efficiency by automatically designating sales or support requests to the appropriate team member.

A collaborative inbox allows you to quickly and easily solve customer queries, as well as communicate with other team members. This can save your business time and money by streamlining both internal and external communication.

4. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is an all-in-one customer service platform that helps you manage phone, email, and live chat inquiries from one place. It provides powerful automation tools to streamline processes, assign tasks to team members, set up automated workflows, and track conversations.

This software provides great features such as real-time internal chat, chat distributions, and invitations. You can use these without seeming pushy or aggressive. In addition, you can integrate third-party apps and customize functionality without any coding knowledge.

5. Chaport

Chaport is a quick and easy-to-use live chat platform that offers an intuitive interface and powerful features. It provides agent performance tracking to help you improve customer experience, as well as automation tools to streamline processes.

Chaport live chat is the perfect way for real estate agents to keep track of conversations from different platforms, all in one app. With compatibility for Facebook, Telegram, and Viber messages, Chaport makes it easy to stay on top of communication without ever missing a beat.

6. ClickDesk

ClickDesk is a great live chat software for real estate agents who want to boost their customer service. It allows you to manage chats, emails, and social media inquiries from one place, as well as communicate with team members in real-time.

Additionally, you can evaluate how well customer support is doing by using chat statistics from the past week or day. It also provides analytics to help you make more informed decisions about customer service.

Tips for using live chat software successfully in real estate

Once you have chosen the right live chat software for your real estate business, there are some important tips that help agents to maximize their success.

1. Train agents on how to use the software properly

Make sure that agents are familiar with the software and have an understanding of how to use it properly. Agents need to be aware of which functions they should use when they should initiate a conversation, and how to respond in different situations.

2. Set up automated messages

Creating automated messages can be a great way to streamline communication with prospects and save time. It's important to set up the right messages so that prospects don't feel like they're talking to a robot.

3. Allow customers to leave feedback

Giving customers the opportunity to leave feedback is a great way to improve customer service. Allowing customers to voice their opinions can help you identify areas that need improvement and give you an idea of how your team is doing.

4. Integrate with other systems

Integrating your software with other systems can be a great way to streamline processes. By combining data from multiple systems, you can gain more insight into customer behavior and provide a more personalized experience.

5. Keep track of conversations

Make sure that you have a system in place for logging and archiving conversations so that you can refer back to them in the future if needed.

By following these tips, real estate agents can make the most out of their live chat software and provide an exceptional customer experience.


Live chat software can be an invaluable tool for growing your real estate business and providing top-notch customer service. The end result is a win-win for both agents and prospects. Agents can provide better customer service and convert more leads into buyers; Customers get quick answers to their questions and support when needed.

Live chat for real estate businesses will help you stay ahead of competitors, increase customer satisfaction and boost sales. So, don’t wait any longer to start using it - get started today!



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