The Future of Live Chat: Top 10 free live chat apps for 2022
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Jun 30, 2022

The Future of Live Chat: Top 10 free live chat apps for 2022

We are in a digital arena. So, it’s time for businesses to invest in online channels and digital customer support to stay afloat.

The live chat app needs no introduction I guess. We all are aware of it!.

However, with the advent of technology, there are various live chat apps out there that come free and freemium. And it’s no doubt that many businesses will confuse and make a mistake when choosing the right live chat app that fits their needs.

If you have budget constraints and are looking for free live chat apps, here we have provided the list of such. Before we head start to the list of the best free live chat apps, let’s dive into its basics.

What is a live chat app?

A live chat app is an application that allows businesses to communicate with their customers online in real-time within the website and mobile application. Through this live chat app, chat agents or customer support representatives provide support by answering customers’ queries and addressing their issues or problems.

There will be a dedicated customer support agent for every website visitor who responds to customers on time. Besides, chatbot integration to the live chat can deliver a stellar customer support experience for website visitors.

Benefits of live chat app for businesses

Live chat apps offer myriad benefits for both customers and businesses. That’s why its adoption is ever-growing. Benefits of using live chat for businesses include:

  • Streamlined customer support

  • Saves time by automating tasks related to customer support

  • Can be available round-the-clock

  • Improved UX and customer satisfaction

  • Makes visitors stay on the website for a long time and convert them into leads with warm greetings and proactive conversation.

  • Increased conversion rates and sales

  • Boosts the productivity of customer support service teams

  • Provides an advantage over the competition

  • Decreases the costs and improves revenue

  • Helps in expanding market presence

  • Provides in-depth insights to improve customer support service and business

Who should use live chat?

Live chat can be used by all businesses of any size and form such as startups, B2Bs, e-commerce stores, and SaaS businesses. It is an effective solution for every business that wants to connect with their customers, provide a good customer support experience, drive conversions, and improve sales and revenue.

How does live chat work?

First of all, you need to integrate a free live chat solution into your website. After it is added, you will come across two interfaces.

  • Monitor/Operator Window

  • Visitor/Customer Window

Monitor/Operator Window:

This interface allows customer support representatives to track and monitor website visitors. Free online They can view

  • the status of other chat agents or customer support representatives

  • the duration of customer stayed on the website

  • the page the visitor is viewing currently

  • the number of chats a chat agent is handling and his time management skills by time tracking.

  • the total chat duration of all agents


  • Admin can also join the ongoing conversation and monitor whether they are performing well or not.

  • Chat agents can recognize visitors who have been on a webpage for a long time and invite them to chat to provide information or assistance. This is how they provide a customized customer support experience.

  • Chat agents can view the chat history of returning visitors and accordingly, they can provide a personalized experience while keeping the conversation in mind.

  • These chat transcripts can be viewed by all in the team. The team can help themselves if they need any assistance during an ongoing conversation.

  • This operator-to-operator feature offered by a free live chat solution minimizes the efforts of other operators or chat agents in understanding the customer's needs in case the chat is routed to him. And the customer can get an instant solution to their queries.

Visitor Window:

It is an interface visible to your website visitor or customer alone. Here, visitors can initiate chats or accepts them in case any chat agent requests them manually.

In the chat window, a visitor will come across pre-chat forms, offline forms, and self-help articles.

  • Pre-Chat form: To capture visitors’ basic information such as name, email, phone number, etc.

  • Offline form: To capture customers’ issues or problems even when chat agents are offline. These offline messages are considered tickets and the chat agents need to resolve them as soon as they receive them.

  • Self-help articles: These are the articles that are used by customers for the knowledge base. They can find answers instantly and it helps in reducing the number of tickets.

  • Post-chat survey: In addition, after a chat, a visitor comes across a post-chat survey and chat agent rating to get real-time and instant feedback and customer support experience. It reveals customer satisfaction.

Best free live chat software solutions:

Here we have curated the list of top 10 free live chat apps after considering a variety of factors such as ease of use, features, user interface, API access, support options, integrations, reliability, scalability, affordability, customer satisfaction, and real user testimonies.

Let’s get started!

1. Click2magic

Want to have a crystal clear view of every interaction and all chat transcripts? Click2magic is one of the free live chat apps in India, that is widely used across multiple domains. Being one of the leading free live chat apps, this live chat offers enterprise-grade features, customization options, and robust security to all your communications.

It all starts with a good conversation. Because a good conversation delivers a stellar customer experience. So, this best free live chat app initiates a chat with proactive greetings and can organize the chat requests in the best way so that chat agents or customer support representatives can respond to customers at the right time.

Its mobile application lets you keep in touch with your customers on the go. Moreover, businesses can leverage its benefits for marketplaces, to maximize sales, to improve customer service/support.


  • Easy to set up and install

  • Powerful dashboard

  • Proactive chat

  • Chat routing

  • Visitor and Operator (Chat agent) monitoring

  • CRM integration

  • Widget Settings

  • File transfers within the chat window

  • Advanced Reports and Analytics


  • No flip side as of now.



2. Tawk

It is a free and simple way to interact with visitors and customers. And you can monitor the activity and view the complete conversational history of all visitors. You can also help customers through video and voice add-ons, knowledge base articles, and tagging or assigning a chat to anyone in your team who can respond and solve customers' issues.

Overall, with this free live chat app, you can be there where your customers are and help them when they require your assistance.


  • Chat agents can chat with multiple visitors/customers at a time.


  • It would be better if this live chat offers has more features

  • Notification glitches


It is a 100% free live chat solution.

3. Tidio

Tidio has both desktop and mobile applications. With this free live chat app, you can track visitors, have personalized conversations, and view a real-time support overview of all visitors or customers and their activities.

Also, you can see the message of your visitors while they are typing in real-time which helps you respond faster and provide better CX. In addition, you can create and send pre-defined answers for FAQs. Tidio's free plan has prompted a few small business owners to look at it as a free live chat app in India.


  • 28+ integrations such as CRM, e-mail marketing, and e-commerce.

  • You can widget with Messenger, Shopify, WordPress, and all other integrations.


  • The free plan supports three operators only.


This live chat offers limited features in the Free plan. For premium features, the paid plan starts at $19. If you want to add a chatbot feature, the plan will be available at $49.

4. Purechat

Pure chat is ideal for sales and marketing teams. You can make the best use of its contact history and user analytics to deliver a great customer experience. These analytics can provide you insights into UX, traffic, marketing campaign effectiveness, etc.

You can leverage this information to identify the prospects. After identifying quality leads, you can use the visitor alert feature and triggered chat to convert them into your customers. Thus, you can improve sales and revenue for your business with this free live chat software.


  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Unlimited chats

  • Advanced dashboard

  • Customizable widget

  • 10+ integrations such as Salesforce, Zoho, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, etc.


  • It has few functionalities when compared to other leading free live chat apps.

  • Sometimes the system slows down.


It is free for 30 days! And it has two paid plans - Growth Plan ($39/month) and PRO Plan ($79/month)

5. Olark