Live Chat for Sales

Personalized Customer-Enterprise conversations. Make them believe what you give with this smart and best live chat software!
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Live Chat for Market Place

More Reach to Customer gets More Business! Integrate Click2Magic’s chatbot service to your multi-vendor online market places.
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Live Chat for Support

Let C2M attend volumes of support tickets with intelligent AI chatbots, and customer support teams with great ease.
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Live chat support service
Single Interface that Hosts Multiple Web-Properties
Powerful Archives to View Chat History
Customizable Widget Launch Requirement
Supports Text/Audio/Video File Attachments


On your web property! Mobile / Browser. Get Click2Magic Live Chat and make your business / support available to your customers.


With/Without Human Intervention. Never lose any business! Let Bots/Customer Support Teams answer every query!


Solve your customer concerns faster! Click2Magic, a powerful help-desk integration customer support software made for all business types.


No more frustrated customers! Attain instant customer gratification with Click2Magic and get more business!
Increase Revenue
An avenue to generate genuine and qualified leads with Live Chat Support.
It was said by Statistics, Not by us!
The more you are in reach with customers! The more they are likely to buy from you! Set up a Click2Magic Live Chat Widget to instantly handle all customer objections.
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